19 Aug

X Reasons Why People Like Ambien.

Do you want to know why people like Ambien? Although, I am not a Doctor, or not having any medical license however I can explain that “why does Ambien make you feel like happy”? because of my two years of experience with Ambien.

And I think taking too much Ambien Pills is dangerous for your health. Simply based on my experience, I had taken Ambien two times a day. And after taking it I left my memory and having a sleepwalking, sleep eating and sleep dressing etc problems which I’ve never done before or since. Even sometimes I feel like, I’m raised above the bed while I was lying on the bed or sometimes feel like I’m sleeping in the forest where no one can disturb me. And now, I am afraid to stop taking it for sleep.

But I realise most people like Ambien because of many reasons-

Ambien Like Anxiety Reducer- Ambien is a strong sedative that initiates sleep and helps you to decrease your anxiety level.

Ambien Like Quality Sleep- Ambien works to calm and decrease your brain activity to induce sleep.

Ambien is for Short term Use- Ambien is specially designed for a short time used. If you are taking it higher than the recommended dose then chances of addiction may be increases.

Ambien Works Like a Dream- Ambien works like a dream or a nightmare. Despite its side-effects, Ambien remained one of the top sleeping pills.

Here I share a most serious example- 

one of my friend who became suicidal, depressed while taking Ambien nightly. I read up on it and it described all of these symptoms! Then, I read that although it simulates sleep, the needed deep delta wave ( physically and mentally restorative ) sleep cannot be reached using Ambien. So, you think you’re sleeping, but you don’t get your full sleep cycle. Which ends up having a sleep deprivation effect, causing anxiety, mental confusion, fatigue, delusions, and possibly suicidal thoughts. again, this is what I found looking up side effects. I am not an expert. Please check it out, and avoid using it if possible.


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