22 Mar

Understanding Human NL63 Alpha Coronavirus

  • As coronavirus is at its peak in taking the lives of many people from its toxic and poisonous viruses.
  • Many countries including India have become covid-19 affected countries.
  • As per the decision of many countries’ governments, every person shouldn’t visit any covid-19 affected countries.
  • The virus spreads from air to a person which is one of the reasons for these many coronavirus patients all over the world.
  • One hand where coronavirus is still in the process of taking the lives of many people.
  • Another hand, many doctors and scientists are searching and identifying the vaccination of such toxic virus.
  • Moreover, till now no vaccination has been identified to cure this coronavirus.
  • However, some tips can help prevent people from this harmful virus.
  • The virus consists of several categories that have spread all over the world.
  • One of these categories is NL63 Alpha Coronavirus.
  • Let’s understand this category of coronavirus deeply.


  • NL 63 Alpha coronavirus was first identified in a seven-year-old child in late 2004 in the Netherlands.
  • This virus is a species of Coronavirus.
  • The virus is responsible to affect people and animals also.
  • This is an infecting virus that enters its host cell by the ACE2 receptor.
  • The virus is confirmed in many patients in today’s date all over the country.
  • Moreover, it consists of several common diseases and symptoms.
  • Some of the common symptoms and diseases are lower to upper respiratory tract infections.
  • NL 63 Alpha coronavirus belongs to a family of Coronaviridae.

Signs and symptoms NL63 Alpha Coronavirus:

  • The first case of such a virus was found in young children with severe lower respiratory tract infections.
  • However, the clinical presentation of NL 63 alpha coronavirus is critical and severe.
  • The most common symptoms as per the identification so far are the common cold, fever, cough, sore throat, etc.
  • Some other symptoms are hoarseness, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.
  • In the above symptoms, one should make sure that the symptoms can be non-common also for which s doctor’s consultancy is important.
  • This virus generally causes less severe symptoms in the initial period.
  • Also, NL 63 alpha coronavirus is commonly found in outpatients than hospitalized patients.
  • The above identification has been done by the study of children with lower respiratory tract illness.


  • The main cause of such infected virus is that this virus is directly transferable from person to person in populated areas.
  • Moreover, this virus stays alive on a human body for a week at room temperature.
  • Also, the same virus stays alive for at least three hours on dry surfaces such as utensils. 
  • The virus usually begins or arrives in early winters or late springs.
  • As per the study of many doctors and scientists who were researching this virus established that this virus gets killed in the temperature of 27 to 30 degree.
  • Many people have been infected with such a toxic virus.
  • But most commonly this virus has been found in young children which means under the age of 5 years.


  • As discussed above this a serious virus that is transferable from direct contact of a person from other people.
  • It is recommendable to avoid direct contact with other people.
  • Above all, it includes touching your nose, eyes, and mouth with naked hands after meeting an infected person.
  • Always wear a mask whenever you go outside as a mask can prevent the virus to come in your mouth.
  • Washing of hands with soap precisely can help you get rid of a virus as it stays on a human body for 12 hours at least.
  • Also, maintain 1 meter of distance from other people whenever you go to any crowded area.
  • It is advisable to wash your hands with an alcoholic sanitizer before having food as it kills the bacteria more quickly. oc43 beta coronavirus read here

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