22 Mar

OC43 Beta Coronavirus


  • As the virus which has spread worldwide and creating problems for almost every individual is none another than Coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus is a virus that is transferable from direct contact of an individual and so.
  • This virus has taken many lives in 78 countries by affecting the people to the extent of death.
  • Moreover, Coronavirus is still in the process of taking lives in so many countries.
  • A high alert from a government’s side has been initiated in all countries to prevent such a toxic virus.
  • It has been discovered from so far by the survey and researches that this virus was first found in one meat shop in China.
  • Undoubtedly, the virus was discovered in China and then spread in other countries.
  • On today’s date, around 90,000 people are affected and suffering from this non-common disease all over the world.
  • Also, approximately more than 5 thousand people have died due to Coronavirus.
  • Mainly the population of dead people belongs to China.
  • The major reason for its affection and worldwide spread is its easy transferability from direct contact and no vaccination.
  • There are some tips to prevent this virus. However, no vaccination has been established to cure such a virus.
  • Coronavirus consists of several categories. One of these is OC43 Beta Coronavirus. Let’s have a thorough understanding of such a category of the virus. 


  • OC 43 Beta coronavirus is a species of coronavirus.
  • This species affect certainly the humans and mostly cattle.
  • The genus of such species is a Beta coronavirus.
  • Moreover, the subgenus of this virus is Embecovirus
  • Besides, this virus is also responsible for the common cold such as 229 E alpha coronavirus.

Signs and symptoms:

  • This virus also causes a common cold at the initial stage.
  • Besides, it also causes severe lower respiratory tract infections.
  • Lower Respiratory tract infections include pneumonia in young children and adults.
  • The occurrence of such a species of coronavirus usually happens in the winter months.
  • It does not stay in summers as the bacterium gets killed in this virus in 30 degrees of temperature.
  • Some other common signs and symptoms are fever, breathlessness, cough, runny nose, etc.


  • This virus gets easily transfer via air droplets from one person to another.
  • All species of coronaviruses can spread from one person to another in many possible ways.
  • When a person coughs or sneezes then the bacterium gets easily transfer through the air particles from person to person.
  • If the individual touches, shakes hand, talks or directly contacts a virus suffering person then it can pass to the healthy person as well.
  • Making contact with an object or surface where the virus bacteria are already present can also cause coronavirus.
  • As per the researches and study of coronavirus, NIH confirmed that this virus has a high risk of development in some groups of people.
  • Such group of people involves younger children, pregnant women, and the aged people above 65 years of age.

Safety tips OC43 Beta Coronavirus

  • To prevent from such toxic virus, one should wear a mask all the time whenever goes outside especially in a crowded place.
  • Washing hands with soap precisely or using an alcoholic sanitizer can help you prevent such a virus.
  • Moreover, avoid visiting crowded places can be a good option to get safe from this virus.
  • As per the latest recovery of scientists and doctors, coronavirus and its species get killed in 30 degrees of temperature.
  • Therefore, drinking hot tea, coffee, water or gargling with hot salt water would be beneficial for prevention.
  • It is identified that this virus was first found in animals or birds and then it gets transferred into humans.
  • As a result, avoid eating meat which is raw or uncooked as it can also affect an individual’s health.
  • Do not touch eyes, nose, lips or mouth after touching any usual surface or object.

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