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How To Identify Ambien Pill

Do you want to identify Ambien Pill

If yes! it is a little bit confusing, and unfortunately, it’s fairly common. The same generic medicines, made by a different manufacturer, can indeed look different. So you should know how to identify Ambien Pill that is real.

If no! I just want to say ‘why no’? you should know about real and fake Ambien Pill before taking it if you really care about your health.

 So, before telling you anything I’ll discuss some points that will help you to buy the genuine Ambien Pill.

Let’s start!

Wrapping Of Ambien Pill-

  • Inspect the packaging of Ambien Pill carefully and ensure the brand name.

Security Seal-

  • Check the security before buying it. If it’s damaged then reject it.


  • Check the spelling difference, colour and font difference. A brand always uses uniformity.

Now Check The Formula-

  • Always check the chemical formula and ingredients.

Check Manufacturer Address-

  • Check whether the manufacturer address is traceable or not and also verify the registration number.

 Time To Check Medicine Price-

  • If the price of medicine is far cheaper than what you are expected then think twice.

Note: Due to certain brand name copyright medications laws, drug manufacturers of generic are not allowed to copy of any brand name pill looks in terms of its shape,  colour, strength and size.

How To Identify Ambien Pill

      1- Via Pill Identifier 

  • Enter the imprint code that appears on the front of medicine.
  • Select the medicine colour (optional)
  • Select the shape (optional)
  • You may also search by drug name or NDC code

Tip: Firstly you have to search for the imprint, then filter by shape and colour if 

    2-Via Color Of Ambien Pill-

There are different type of colour available for Ambien Pill. To identify Ambien Pill you have to aware of all colours of  Ambien Pill.

  • White Zolpidem Tablet (an alternate option of AMBIEN CR)

  Strength: 10 MG

  Pill Imprint: 10

  Shape: Oblong

  • Yellow Zolpidem Tablet

Strength: 10 MG

Pill Imprint: 10 MG

Shape: Oblong

  • Purple Zolpidem Tablet

Strength: 10 MG

Pill Imprint: M Z2

Shape: Round

  • Blue Zolpidem Tablet

Strength: 12.5 MG

Pill Imprint: E62

Shape: Round

   3-. Via Shape Of Ambien Pill-

  • You can identify the Ambien Pill with the help of its shape. Here is some example of its shape-
  • Round Shape Zolpidem
  • Oval Shape Zolpidem
  • Oblong Shape Zolpidem

 Note: Always examined the size and shape of the Ambien pill before consuming it.

  4- Cost Of Ambien Pill- See the list of Ambien prices to ensure the identity of Ambien Pill

         Tablet(Strength)                                Price(100 tablet)

               5mg                                                  $1950.73

               10mg                                                  $1950.73

              12.5mg                                                $20.24(per tablet)   

How Can You Protect Yourself From Fake Ambien Pill?

If you must buy the original Ambien Pill. Check the seal as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) proceeds reputable Internet pharmacies a seal showing it has met state licensure specifications called the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) Seal.

“The seal tells customers this is a secure, protected and legal pharmacy”. If anyone decides to copy the seal, the VIPPS programs detect that. 

Also, If any site displaying the seal has a security feature that when you click on the seal, it links back to the NABP site.

Summing Up

“My final goal is to basically have people taking drugs that are valid, effective, powerful and real.

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