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Best Safety Tips To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

Coronavirus Best Safety Tips

1- What is Coronavirus- Coronavirus is a huge family virus. That began from the common cough disease and gradually become dangerous diseases (e.g coronavirus). It transmitted from animals into people.

Most of the recognized coronaviruses are circling in animals until now and not have affected humans.

There are almost 100 coronaviruses most of that circulate among animals like pigs, bat camel and cat.

As coronavirus affects human sometimes those viruses also attack humans and called as a spillover event that and can cause of dangerous disease. 7 of them coronaviruses are known to cause human disease and 4 of them are mild like-





Three of the coronaviruses can have more dangerous outcomes in the people, and those are-

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) emerged in 2002 and disappeared in 2004   

MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) emerged in 2012 and remains in camels.

nCoV-2019( new coronavirus) emerged in 2019 from China and remains contained globally.

2- History Of Cronovirus- Coronaviruses are a zoonotic virus. That is transmitted from animals into people. Detailed researches discovered that SARS is an infection forwarded from mainly bats to humans.

MERS is an infection forwarded from camels to humans.

Coronavirus was begun in 1965 with the name of B814. It was found in the organ of human embryonic tracheal cultures obtained from the respiratory tract of an adult with common flu.

3- Early Symptoms Of Coronavirus-

  • Runny Nose
  • Coughing
  • Sore Through
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

4- Severe symptoms of Coronavirus

A- Pneumonia

B- Severe acute respiratory syndrome

C- Kidney failure 

D- Death

5- 5 Ways to Stay Healthy (How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus) 

Here are some standard recommendations to protect yourself from the Coronavirus Best Safety Tips.

  • Wash Hand with Soap-

Wash your hand clearly when you in the public or you have been out in public. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds as 20 seconds are enough to kill the viruses.

  •  Don’t touch your face-

Please avoid touching your face if you are picked someone’s hand and don’t touch your nose, eye and body.

  • Maintain distance from sick people-

Try to stay away from sick people. Avoid your best if he/she is having a cough problem because it is an early symptom of coronavirus.

  • Use Tissue paper-

Don’t forget to use tissue paper. Always use tissue paper during sneeze and cough.

  • Cover your nose

If you really care about yourself then cover your nose as well as a mouth with the help of a mask.

  • Don’t go to China-

Yes! This is the main point. If you recently planned to go to China then please don’t do it.

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